I honestly don’t think I ever used the word “petulant” until I spent some time observing the current freshman class of Congressional Representatives. It has simply proven to be the only word that fits some of them.

Let us consider Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. When first I heard her plans, I immediately thought that—this—is what the Communists meant by “useful idiot.” But now I’ve heard enough of her to realize that I owe the commies an apology. The impudent clown is simply not that useful.

Yet, she seems almost to be a force of nature. And that seems almost beyond comprehension.

For the life of me, I could not grasp how, why, by what measure of sorcery or divination does this one manage to intimidate full-grown adults. As an amateur profiler, I watched her body language, her mannerisms; I have noted how she presents herself and now I believe I understand how this has come to be. She is a product of the public school system.

Her teachers obviously applauded her dutiful recitations of all the politically correct talking points they instructed her in. She got all the words right. Dared they imagine, she even seemed to grasp their meaning, yet still parroted them! And so, they encouraged her to continue, emboldened her to pursue her mission: to embrace statist theology, to carry forth and postulate the leftist indoctrination she so altruistically embraced at the cost of her education.

She carries herself and speaks the way she does because she honest-to-god believes the crap she is saying. Couple this with the fact that she has somehow ascended to a seat in Congress, and one is moved to sadness in mourning the passing of reason within the United States of America.

Clearly, no one ever disciplined her as a child. This has left her like a sociopath, with little regard for others. She sees the rest of us as two dimensional—mere props for her amusement. Pity, no parent ever blistered her ass with a paddle, or at least told her to go sit in the corner until she learned some respect for her elders.

As a result, fate has suffered this petulant brat-child upon us, a member of Congress no less. With the same brazen arrogance as a Roman emperor, drunk on himself, she stares into a camera and demands that the rest of us fall into lockstep with her ideas, advising us that, until we come up with a better plan, she’s the boss.

Laugh if you will, but the cunt means it.

Government does not exist to help you. Government does not exist to protect you. Government does not exist to provide for you.

Government exists to control you. And the more you believe otherwise, the more you are controlled.

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